08 – Worldwide Threat Assessment

The US intelligence community released its Worldwide Threat Assessment, citing concerns over Russian influence campaigns, increasingly aggressive operations, North Korea, artificial intelligence, and more. This year a new item was added which discusses foreign countries acquiring important technology not only through theft, but through legal purchases as well. Overall there is a steady concern over the “4 Key Adversaries”, something Rex Tillerson’s proposed state department’s restructuring reflects.


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07 – Pyeongchang Olympics

The Pyeongchang Olympics is as strenuous a cybersecurity event as it is an athletic one. The giant event is a field day for cybercriminals and possible state sponsored events, and the Olympic security personnel have tried their best to prepare for this. South Korea’s flashy opening ceremony hit some set backs yet there was no confirmation as to why, and various information systems were targeted on opening night. Fortunately, none of this has had the ability to affect any of the events, best of luck to the athletes!

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06 – Connecting The Other Half

While we often get caught up in the rapid and dramatic developments that unfold in and around cyberspace, we often forget half of the world’s population still isn’t even connected. Earlier this month the UN’s (ITU) Broadband Comission set their aim to connect 75% of the world’s population to the Internet by 2025, along with many other progressive goals. This week we thumb through each goal and explore some of the general challenges that they face in reaching their commendable 2025 goals and broader 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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