Lucas Ashbaugh is is a cybersecurity professional with a Master of Arts degree in International Security and Foreign Policy from the University of Maine’s School of Policy and International Affairs (SPIA) where he specifically focused on cyberspace challenges.

He previously earned a B.S. in Business Management – Information Systems in 2016.
He has worked on policy topics for an internet service provider as well as for a foreign policy think tank, having authored popular policy analysis (Chinese Espionage, Quantum Tech). He has also worked within auditing and security, and now works as a threat analyst.

Hey there, welcome to Keeping Pace With Cyberspace! I originally got the motivation for this project when I realized a lot of my colleagues were quick to research and discuss a broad range of international affairs topics; but never cyberspace. For a while now I’ve been ‘that guy’ who asks annoying questions about cyberspace challenges at events and conferences. Over and over I’ve been given the token ‘it’s clearly important’ and the vague ‘we need to rethink things’ question dodges. And please don’t get me wrong, there are definitely smart people (way more so than me) having these discussions! But the majority are not. It occurred to me that maybe the lack of real discussion on this topic stems from being intimidated by the technical aspects, or just from a lack of sources to provide understanding. This project aims to change that and provide political and international affairs buffs a source for these important discussions that doesn’t require them to have any technical background.

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Views expressed by Lucas Ashbaugh are strictly his own and not representative or affiliated with any organization outside the Keeping Pace With Cyberspace project, nor are they endorsements on behalf of such organizations.

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